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11 months ago

Jira Integration - bad design

The new Jira integration has been badly designed.

I saw the feature announcement and though “finally!”, but no, this just makes a copy of alerts in Jira and makes you use 2 UIs instead of one.

Just look at the workflow - entirely driven by the LogicMonitor UI, and entirely Alert focused (facepalm - it should be Incident and Problem focused).


The acknowledgement of the Incident (NOT Alert) should be done in Jira when workflow is invoked.  Map that back into LM.

While the Alert flaps (CPU high, CPU low, CPU high, CPU low) FFS don’t create MORE Jira tickets.  The existing ticket should be updated, maybe with a new Jira comment for each state change.

Finally, when the Incident is over (to be determined CONFIGURABLY) as a manual action or after a timeout, can the ticket be transitioned through the workflow, but this should take custom workflows into account, not assume the Jira out of the box (OOTB) workflow.  No-one who is serious about Jira uses that.

Next, Problem management.  When there have been X such incidents in a time window Y, create a Problem ticket, with all the incidents linked.  This can only be closed manually.


Sorry to rant, but this focus on Alerts instead of Incidents in the ServiceNow, AutoTask, Jira etc. integrations just generates ticket spam that helps no-one.

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  • We had that same problem. Long story short, we started sending alerts to PD, which auto groups them into incidents with machine learning (maybe something Dexda will start doing for LM???) which then sends it to a custom Azure function (code named E.T.). E.T. opens the ticket in ConnectWise, posts the CW ticket number back to each of the LM alert’s notes field, and posts an update back to PD.

    We are really only going for one way workflows from LM->PD->E.T.->CW, so we don’t care about the actions in CW posting back to LM (except noting which ticket number goes with which alert). The only bit we don’t have working is when alerts clear in LM an update gets into the ticket. That’s going to require some rework on E.T. and I’m procrastinating that bit.

    If Dexda will do auto alert group and allow us to use the built in CW integration, we could drop PD and E.T.