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2 years ago

Issue with Collector version 33.001

This is an Optional General Release, just recently put out by LogicMonitor.  I mean they went from General Release 33.000 to 33.001. There appear to be 2 issues fixed in this release;

  • Mitigated the risk of performance and availability impact on production Oracle environments
  • Upgraded some jar versions as part of minor security updates

 But here's the thing.  As soon as I updated my Windows collectors from 33.000 to 33.001 all of my PowerShell scripts came to a screeching halt.  None of them would run.  When I clicked on some of them and Poll Now they would just time out, not even Active Discovery would kick in.  And the collectors' SPSE queue size started growing into hundreds and hundreds.  I ended up downgrading to 33.000 and voila, my PowerShell scripted started running once again, no problem.

My question is not what could be causing this issue, that is definitely a question for support, I have a case open.  My question is - was anybody else affected too?  Am I the only one with this observation?  Thanks.

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  • Seeing similar issues -- Hyper-V modules all broken and we also found the upgrade broke inclusion of a custom JAR (wiped out the custom collector config).  QA team must be on holiday....

  • Sorry, I'm only running that version on two customers who are not windows shops.