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7 years ago

Idle_Days PropertySource to identify long-term down devices

This PropertySource calls the LogicMonitor API to find the latest idleInterval value and converts it to the whole number of days a device has been down for. In many cases this will be zero, obviously.

This value is written to a device property, auto.idledays, on each device.

This can then be used to create dynamic groups with rules such as, for example:

auto.idledays > 28 identify long-term dead devices that you should attend to, by fixing or deleting. These groups can also, naturally, be used in reporting and dashboards to easily visualise relevant device counts.Useful if you have 1,000s of devices and find it difficult to keep on top of those that no longer exist.

You will need to create an API token set (ID and Key) for a user account with (at least) view permissions to all devices in your account, and set these at the root level of your device tree as properties apiaccessid.key (the 20 character ID) and apiaccesskey.key (the 40 character key).

v1.0.0: TYTXCL