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2 years ago

Ideas to maintain thresholds across thousands of devices and even more instances.

I have an ask to standardize some thresholds based on device type. We break out folders out like so: Clients/CLIENTID/Location/Techstack We then have roll up folders under each client for reporting...
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    2 years ago

    I understand.  
    Typically, the deepest folder would control the threshold, since that threshold would be “closer” to the device. I think of the threshold inheritance a little like group policies, where the last one that is applied is the one that takes effect, so the closest to the device( or deeper in the resource tree) is the winner. 

    However, if a threshold is set somewhere in the clients tree (Clients/ACMECO/Chicago/Firewalls) and a more ‘global’ threshold set at a higher level group (Thresholds/Firewalls) then the one at the customer level will still win. 
    If two groups that have thresholds configured and are at the same level of the device hierarchy, then the group that was created first wins.  This can be determined by lowest group id.

    When looking at a specific device, you should also be able to see what threshold is applied to a datapoint and from where/what group on the alert tuning tab.

    Is the goal to override anything set at deeper customer levels, or to make sure those deeper level threshold are maintained?