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4 years ago

HTML format for mail alerts

Can some one tell me if it is possible to send alert mails from Logic monitor in HTML format.

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  • Only thing to do is test to see if it works. I don’t think it does because the email comes through in plain text.

  • Hi Stuart,

    I am trying to get alert mails in my mail ID something in below format. Is this possible.

    I tried to use the same HTML query, but mail came as plain text.



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    I think there may be more to your question because alerts today are delivered in text/html format:


    Are you maybe looking to get your alerts into another system by scraping the email? In that case, you should look into using an Integration as a member of your escalation chain. This would allow LM to do an actual HTTP Post of the data into your system.

    Either way, what is your goal?

  • For me this question is still valid: Could we add HTML formatting to email body?

    This is an example, with bold text formatting around Host string.