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2 years ago

How can Linux servers' queue length and depth be monitored?

I was asked to monitor queue length/depth on Linux servers, and I was not able to locate the relevant datasource that could monitor queue length/depth.

Your assistance will be much appreciated.

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  • Hi @Rakzskull , it doesn’t look like we have anything out of the box for this. How would you monitor queue length/depth? I just did some quick googling and found a command that may work to get you the average queue depth size on Linux machines. 

    Based off this command :

     iostat -xdc 60 1

    There are 2 datapoints 



    Would this be what you are looking for? You could write a SSH datasource that polls every minute for this data . I gave a glance to see if this was available via SNMP and it looks like its not but I could have missed something. Once we are able to narrow down the data, we can certainly bring it in to the platform

  • You can’t let the LM Collector SSH into your server? Hm, that’s going to restrict much more than just this. I’d focus on getting an exception to that “security” constraint.

  • @Cameron Compton   Yes, but we can not install a SSH datasource due to some security constraints.