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3 years ago

How can I get LogicMonitor INC MGR in Service Now to open certain tickets under different groups?

I got my SNOW integration up and running and noticed that every ticket that gets opened is opened under our service now group "Helpdesk" which is perfect for most incidents. Is there a way to change which SNOW group a ticket is assigned to based on resource group or some type of tag I can add? I find it interesting that I never set a group that I wanted the tickets to be opened under, it just selected Helpdesk as default I guess. Not quite sure how this portion works. 

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  • I don't have the specifics and this is just off the top of my head,  but you should be able to create a property on groups or resources called something like "servicenow.assignmentgroup". Within the ServiceNow integration you can add a new json entry like "assignment_group"="##servicenow.assignmentgroup##". If you use the official LM ServiceNow incident management add-on you might need to make a new mapping translation. Sorry, I don't have further details myself.