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4 years ago

Group/Sub-Group/Dynamic Group


I have a group IT Ops Systems Management Group:

Azure is               ==> 24 devices

Needs Attention ==> 15 devices

Not Supported   ==> 15 devices

PACS                  ==> 26 devices

Priority 1           ==> 13 devices

Production         ==> 816 devices

TEST                 ==>  9 devices

Total                 ==> 918 devices which was the total also seen in IT OPs Systems Management earlier

Now I have created some dynamic groups under IT Ops Systems Management and suddenly the number increase to 2,569!!! for IT Ops Systems Management...

Are the dynamic groups badly placed? should they go somewhere else in the tree?

The Dynamic Group 

Why IT Ops has changed from 918 to 2,569?



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  • Apparently by adding join(system.staticgroups,",") =~ "IT Ops Systems Management" in the sub-group the one which is a dynamic group it is fixed...

    So the root static groups do not represent anything except a place holder, isn't it? or should they be define differently?