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3 years ago

Getting Started With Building Modules

Does anyone here have experience with building custom modules for LM and can you point me in the right direction for getting started? I am looking to build a module for Perforce -

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    Several eLearning courses: (note that this link won't work unless you have an active session in the training portal, Skilljar. To get an active session, go to your portal and click the training link)

    We also have an intro to Groovy course:

    The main thing I ask before building a DataSource (assuming you want a DataSource) is, "How is the data collected today?" How can you get at it today? If the data is available via SNMP, that means starting with an SNMP type DataSource. If it's via an API, you might be able to use the HTTP type DataSource, but you'll probably go for a Groovy based one. Here's an example of a Groovy based HTTP REST API DataSource. The ad.groovy script runs active discovery to create the instances. The collect.groovy is what runs regularly to collect the data.

    The other main question to ask yourself is whether or not the metrics you will be collecting are resource level or instance level. For example, memory utilization or Ping are a resource level statistics because there's only one memory bank and only one ping operation that you would do at a device. CPU and Disk are multi-instance DataSources because there are usually multiple CPUs or disks to monitor on any given resource. If you are choosing multi-instance, you'll need to put some thought into instance creation through Active Discovery.

    Hope this gets you started!