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3 months ago

Do you use the New UIv4? Any lost functionality?

I’m curious to what degree other power users here actually use the new UI? I took it as a challenge myself this week to start using it since it seems LM is committed to using it. I’m not a fan, but I’m not sure how much of that is just because its new.

I struggle to find some things. It took me way too long to find out where the collector debug option was hidden. And I still cant find the “instances” count in the columns of information where it used to be, and I don’t see it as a column I can add.

So I’m just wondering, do you all like the new UI? Do you use it? Are there important places where you have lost functionality or information?


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  • I use it for one thing only: alert tuning. The old alert tuning was so bad, the new UI is actually an improvement. You can search for the datasource you want to tune. Other than that, not at all. 

    It’s probably time to give it another quick tour to see if it’s any better than last time. 

    Unfortunately, my expectations are not high. Switching to a new UI should be an exciting thing and the benefits (workflow improvements) should outweigh the drawbacks (familiarity with the old UI) enough that I want to move to the new UI. This hasn’t happened yet for me and I’d be surprised if it ever did. Likely the only reason I’d move to the new UI is that the old UI gets turned off and I’m forced to. 

  • I will try the alert tuning with it. I assume you mean customizing thresholds?

    I was super gung ho to try it last week and then, as soon as I needed it for real and couldnt find the instance counts on my collectors (only resources) I lost my motivation. :)

    I will keep trying, I guess.

  • Yes, for tuning alert thresholds. We do this on /Devices by Type because that allows us to override the global threshold in the datasource without forking the datasource. (We also have an _All devices group under there with appliesto “true()” to make sure it’s global).