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2 months ago

DisplayName max length? Docs for other details?

I am trying to find out what the maximum displayName length is for a resource in LogicMonitor. I went to the v3 API and picked POST for /device/devices for making a new device, hoping that under the Model subtab that I would see some details. I DO in fact see that displayName is a string, but the blue text on string isnt a hyperlink.

So I'm wondering what the max length is for displayName, but also more generally, is there something in the documentation I've missed that would explicitly talk about some of these things? I am a bit UI-challenged at times, so apologies if I've missed something obvious. Usually the more obvious something is, the more my brain ignores it due to decades of subconscious self-training to ignore advertising. :)


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  • I did do a brute force test by exporting all the display names, putting them in excel, using =LEN() and sorting, finding the longest device on the platform, and then I temporarily added the number of characters I knew I'd need to add. And it was fine.

    I was just curious if there was an official document. All good though, thanks!

  • I've seen some pretty long display names. I doubt there is documentation on it. I recently had to ask support about the max characters in a text widget on a dashboard (it's 400KB btw). There wasn't any documentation on that either.

    I'd hit up support to ask (and ask for documentation to be built). Alternatively, you can always test it out by modifying an existing device adding more and more to the name until it refuses.