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4 years ago

DHCP Subnet


I am curious to know how you deal with the DHCP subnet "DHCPSubnetPercentUsed" Datapoint alerts as by default they are set to :

Warning 70% - Error 80% - Critical 90%

Our DHCP subnets environment is usually set to be full per subnet so meaning we are constantly alerted it is over the threshold. All IPs within a DHCP subnet are available for any desktops to be used...

Also DHCP is also set to be used per group of subnets so the usage of a particular subnet inside the group could be always full when another will be 50% used only...

Any recommendations? Disable the alerts? 




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  • The datasource provided by LM does not handle superscopes (multiple subnets per scope).  I wrote one that does handle superscopes and works properly.  I don't have a way to monitor across split scopes (portions handled by different servers), but I think that if one of those independently was filling up you would still want to get an alert so it should not matter.  With superscope monitoring, you will know only when all the subnet IPs are running out.  I will see if I can get that one published in LM Exchange.