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2 years ago

Device Group Dynamic Queries -- Is there anything like hasAlerts() or AlertCount?

I made a dynamic query to find devices that are NOT dead in a particular adjacent group:

join(system.staticgroups,",") =~ "mypath/All Devices/Unknown Imports" and

This almost works like I want, I can see devices ending up in this folder that are not dead, so that I can manage them and move them elsewhere using a convenient view. Because the imports folder has mostly dead devices in it at present.

But due to the fact that it takes ping a while to turn some of these into dead devices, I was kinda wishing LM had something for AppliesTo or dynamic group queries such as hasAlerts() or AlertCount so that i could add a condition to include or exclude devices that do or dont have any alerts set.

Or alternatively, it would be cool if I could reference a datapoint like datasource.Ping.percentloss or something.

Any suggestions? its not a huge deal, there is 90% correlation using what I have, I'm just picking up a few I wish I werent because they have ping criticals but arent yet marked as dead devices yet.

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  • Nothing built into AppliesTo that I know of. However, you could write a property source that counts the number of alerts and stores it as a property. Not sure that would be any faster than just waiting the 3-5 minutes for it to be considered dead.