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2 years ago

Details for the CloudWatchProbe feature?

The most recent release notes for platform v.177 mentions a "CloudWatchProbe" an an associated configuration property:

  • Added a new version of CloudWatchProbe and a new configuration property, awsMonitoring.cloudwatch.v3.enabled to reduce the number of CloudWatch calls for metrics collection.

I'm not able to find any additional information about this functionality.  Is this documented somewhere?  Is the documentation going to be available by the time the update is rolled out?

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    Hey @Brandon- That note is intended to capture a change for our cloud collector in which we've improved how we're making the CloudWatch getMetricStatistics requests to be more efficient, but the details here (v3, CloudWatchProbe) are more specific to our internal teams. Sorry for the confusion - we'll clarify the release notes.