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2 years ago

Delay on data display with Cloud Collector

Hello all,

We recently noticed that there appears to be some delay when display data from AWS resources when using the Cloud Collector, as an example:

- We collect data every minute and it's currently 16:00, then if we view Raw Data we can only see 15:57 at the oldest, a few minutes later at around 16:05, we suddenly can see the data for 15:58, 15:59, 16:00.

We figured that this isn't a timed delay or based on load, we even noticed that some data sources that run once a day were only displaying data from 1 or 2 days ago.

This appears to be "solveable" by making every data source collect every minute and hence having a 3~5 minute general delay but it's extremely unnecessary in most cases.

Any thoughts?