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4 months ago

Datapoints Alerting

I have Datapoints x,y,z. My requirement is to alert on Datapoint x. so whenever we are sending alert on Datapoint x, I want to send the values of y & z as well. is there any possibility.

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  • Yes, you could set the datapoint values as device or instance level properties, then include them that way. 

    You’d have to use the LM API to set those properties as part of the collection script. But those properties would have to be set before the alert triggers. 

  • @ Stuart weenig

    Could you please help me the script how to use api to be part of collection script 

    Stuart is correct in the method, but I would advise against going this route. I did this exact method while trying to do something very similar and it ended up having mixed results. As Stuart says, the property needs to be there prior to the datapoint reaching its alert threshold, otherwise you will get an out dated item to send.

    As for the usecase @Mike Moniz what we needed at the time was environmental monitoring. We wanted a more informed alert. When temp or humidity alerted, we wanted both datapoints to give us an idea of what was going on.

  • No, it’s not possible to include data from other datapoints with the alert from a given datapoint.

  • Can you provide a more specific example what what you are looking to do in general?

  • I have data points x,y,z and their values are x=100, y=150, z=200. I want to alert on x when value >90. When sending alert I want the values of y and z also to be displayed 

  • @ Stuart weenig

    Could you please help me the script how to use api to be part of collection script 

  • I wonder if this might be a good use case for Dexda :shock:

    Dexda, as I understand it, is meant to correlate alerts together. If you’re monitoring the temp and you also want the humidity and pressure, Dexda might be able to correlate those alerts together, if they all alert. If x alerts and y, z are normal values, there might be nothing for Dexda to do.

  • I thank all of you for giving me valuable inputs. Please keep me posted. Thanks