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7 months ago

Convert default Alert Report to dashboard?

Anyone seen examples of know of a way to convert the basic (out of the box) Alerts Report into a Dashboard?

The default “Alert List dashboard” only shows active alerts with no way (can’t edit the table in the dashboard) that I’ve found to edit it to show historical information like the Alerts Report. 

If I try to create a table widget from scratch it won’t let me choose * or ##DefaultResourceGroup##. 

You can create an Alert List Widget but the same issue comes up, its not historical in nature and there doesn't seem to be any way to edit that. 

  • Use the gray “Settings” button on the right of that filter (just outside your screenshot).

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  • I have a datasource in my Sandbox called “Report to Text Widget” that will take an existing csv report, convert to HTML and then display it in a text widget.  I’ve used it before but it has been a long time and frankly I can’t remember how to set it up.  Mike Suding had instructions on his blog on how to set it up but I’m not able to get to his site for some reason. 

    Anyway, it might be something you could use.

  • Yeah, you can add all the pre-built or existing stuff. But its not like it would be on a normal Table Widget where you actually get the configure the Row/Column sources. 

    I guess I’m slightly stuck. The out of the box Alert List has zero flexibility and when you create a new Table Widget, the Alert information doesn't appear to be something you can select as it's not a resource or a field attributed to a resource as far as I can tell. 

    The end goal here is trying to get a dashboard to see how long things were down. I’m starting to see its likely just gonna be a 100% from the ground up built with using custom sources. 

  • Use the gray “Settings” button on the right of that filter (just outside your screenshot).

  • I sort of figured it out, but its ugly and clunky. 
    Copied the built in Alert List dashboard and made a few small tweaks. Its a bit annoying you can’t seem to choose these columns on a fresh dashboard/widget, seems artificially limiting. 

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