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2 years ago

Consolidating data points for graphing?

LM is a new product for me, and I'm still wrapping my head around things. I'm working on dashboard and I wondered if anyone has some examples of data consolidation they would share. As an example, for a window of two days, I'd like my graph to show a single bar for each day, vs the 100s of bars that it does now. 

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  • This is what the consolidation function is for, but it doesn't let you choose the final resolution. The consolidation function lets you choose what function is used to combine the datapoints into the final single datapoint for the timeframe covering the individual datapoints. You could theoretically choose a certain timeframe that would consolidate into single day datapoints, but i don't know what it might be. It's also highly unlikely that your desired timeframe would match said theoretical timeframe.

  • Yeah, that lack of choosing the final resolution is what is frustrating me right now. Shooting to end up with a graph of "storage used per day" that has 30 bars over 30 days. May be a feature request...