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2 months ago

Collectors: Open Telemetry vs. LM Collector

Hi, We're looking to create a networking "appliance" that we can send to small locations, like a retail store. Among other things, this appliance will allow us to do some gateway to gateway tunnelin...
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    2 months ago

    Don't get me started on the lack of ARM support. Raspberry Pi collectors would be dope.

    LM Collectors receive tasks from the platform and execute those tasks to collect data from endpoints on the same network as the collector. OpenTelemetry collector cannot execute LogicMonitor collection tasks. You would get no data for DataSources, no discovery, no pinging, nothing to do with active data collection.

    OTel collectors are open source and LM has written a plugin that allows telemetry data sent via a few different protocols to OTel collectors to stream that data to LM. Usually that data is for Distributed Tracing, which is an APM capability.

    LM Collectors = infrastructure monitoring

    OTel Collectors = APM