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8 years ago

Collector ConfigSource(s)

A couple of choices of ConfigSource to monitor the .conf files of your collectors.

Note these are two versions of the same thing - you do not need both.

One explicitly monitors only the four key .conf files; agent.conf, sbproxy.conf, watchdog.conf, wrapper.conf. That's done via the Active Discover script simply printing those four known filenames as instances:

76PEZ2 (v1.2)

The other version has a more involved Active Discovery that lists any .conf found in the Collector config folder, with the exception of 'persistent_task.conf' as this file is continually being updated. This has the advantage that it will catch any new or renamed .conf files we add in in future:

K992D7 (v1.2)

The collection script of each simply reprints the content of each .conf file and alerts on changes, with a couple of exclusions for expected changes.

AppliesTo = hasCategory("collector")

They are grouped to appear within the 'Collector' datasource group on the devices alongside the collector-specific datasources.