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3 years ago

Collector bug? IOS config

Since our collectors were upgraded from 28.005 to 30.002 all our cisco devices have been failing the ios retrieval task. We forced an upgrade to 31.003 and the issue still persists. If we manually force a collection nothing happens - LM doesn't even attempt to log into the switch. In fact since the forced upgrade LM hasn't logged into the switch when it was previously doing it once an hour. The only time the collector logged in since the upgrade was when we restarted the service. Thoughts?

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  • The ticket's currently open. I just figured if it was a bigger overall issue it would have been recognized by now since 30.002 didn't just come out yesterday.

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    Have you already spoke with support about this?

  • Ok, closure for anyone that may read this in the future - Settings > Logic Modules > Config Sources > Add > From Logic Monitor Library


    Once all were added everything was well again. Why this had to happen after the update is unknown.

  • Looks like this broke for us. Of course it was noticed after we had a switch die. Luckily it was an issue with the PSU's so everything's good now that those have been swapped out. The problem I've got is that we log into LM using SSO. The authentication for the Library/Repository seems to require a local account. I can create an account specifically for this but not sure what permissions it might need.

  • The repository doesn't require a local account. It requires an account with permission (through that account's role) to manage datasources (logicmodules).