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7 months ago

Citrix cloud monitoring

curious if anyone else has a solution to the issue of monitoring logon times from citrix cloud logic module.  I’m receiving data from it, but it’s very inconsistent, leaving several gaps.  

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  • Hello @vorwaldhtlf,

    There could be a number of causes for the gaps in data - to narrow down on the issue, do you see “No Data” under the Raw Data tab for periods where there’s a gap in data? This would indicate the Collector is executing the polls, but not getting a response back. If you don’t see “No Data” under the Raw Data tab, this would suggest the Collector isn’t executing the polls as scheduled. In most cases it will be an issue of the former as opposed to the latter.

    You should be able to use “Poll Now” from the Raw Data tab during periods of no data to identify precisely what’s occurring, whether it’s a timeout or an error returned from the device. The Collector logs should also contain some additional insight as to what’s happening during the gaps in data, though you may need to increase the logging level for a clearer picture.

    Of course you can also open a support case with LogicMonitor to investigate the issue on your behalf, which may be useful in this case as there are several possible causes for the failure.

  • @vorwaldhtlf It would be great if you could open a support case with LM Support to investigate this issue, as mentioned there would be multiple reasons for the failure so you can submit a case and we can help you identify the root cause of the problem.

    Usually, Intermittent data gaps occur when the collector has some dead task or task scheduling failure or maybe other reason. And this can be inquired about when you submit a request to the support team.