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2 months ago

cisco wlc 9800 monitoring

Hello community,

any experiences with monitoring of 9800 and its APs?
I am using some other tool and considering LM since I used it in past.

Are the modules for cisco wireless any good?
I am interested in monitoring mesh link and  AP radio interface metrics. 

9800 is not responding to many queries from cisco MIB files, I assume they just repacked old MIB files and now there is no difference between 9800 and old AireOS....

Let me know if LM overcomes this.


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  • We are using it successfully to monitor AP interfaces, AP radios, and the admin/oper status of the AP itself. It looks like we're also getting adminStatus of the WLAN (ESS) along with the number of mobile stations per wlan. Global performance of the 9800 is also supposed to be there, but i just noticed we're not getting any data on that one because the OIDs are empty.

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      a few detailed questions;
      do you get stats per radio, packets in/out, bytes in/out, drops, etc.
      do you by any chance have a mesh link that you monitor?


  • Stats per radio:

    Stats per interface:

    I actually don't know if we monitor a mesh link. Not my area of expertise.

  • thanks Stuart. I see those are all working OIDs from mib file.
    I would like to see info from "show interfaces dot11Radio 1"  on AP like bytes received/transmitted etc.

    Are you aware of compatibility with cisco telemetry broker, that is another way of sending stats from WLC to the external database and then representing it. Can LM do it?



    • You're testing the limits of my knowledge of a 9800. Is "show interfaces dot11Radio 1" a command you would run on the AP or on the 9800?

      If it doens't exist OOTB, that kind of thing would be easy to grab using an SSH based datasource.

      LM couldn't do telemetry broker without a 3rd party external database. If you can get the data into a 3rd part db, then you could use a JDBC based DS in LM to query the data from the database.