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10 months ago

Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN monitoring (formerly Viptela)

We are currently testing pre-release modules for Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN that leverage Cisco’s SD-WAN Bulk API.!bulk-api/bulk-api

If you would be interested in working with us to validate their functionality, please feel free to reach out to me via DM.  To be a candidate, your SD-WAN Controllers should be at or greater than 20.6, where the current version is 20.12.

Below are some screenshots of these pre-release modules running against the Cisco DevNet SD-WAN Sandbox environment.


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  • Thanks to those who reached out to me. I still have 1-2 spots open for early adopters. So if you are interested, please DM or email me at first dot last at LogicMonitor dot com.

  • Our new Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN modules are now generally available and the product docs are here:

    Our previous Cisco vManage modules only supported up to version 20.4 and used an API that Cisco does not support for continual performance monitoring. So, these support the latest versions of Catalyst SD-WAN 20.6.3 and higher and use the Cisco recommended SD-WAN Bulk API.