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3 years ago

AWS Send logs from CloudTrail


Has anybody been through this step of logs integration?

The docs for this make sense for me until step 6 where the options described are completely different.


6. In the next page choose the type of logs that you would like to be collected.
Supported logs include Kinesis Data Stream logs, Kinesis Firehose API logs, and ECS logs.

I'm after ECS app logs ultimately but the screen in AWS console at step 6 is concerned with Data Events with a different set of services - none of which seem analogous.

Thanks in advance
Matt Bracewell

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  • For those who wish to get anything meaningful from a Fargate task in ECS here's my hard won advice:

    Don't bother

    Despite repeated assurances from various sales staff LogicMonitor does not support Fargate

    It took us about a month to finally get the admission so I hope I can save somebody elses time and energy.