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4 years ago

AWS DirectConnect Virtual Interface


I am trying to create a custom Datasource to monitor the AWS DirectConnect Virtual Interface bandwidth by cloning the existing "AWS_DirectConnect" DS. I modifed one of the datapoints with following cloud metric path updated. I have manually added VirtualInterfaceID as property in the Direct connect instance.


But I keep getting Empty data, please let me know if I am making any apparent mistake here.


Thank you

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  • @SenthilK Thanks to some assistance from Andrey & others, I've just posted a datasource to the Exchange - TMHHWX - that'll discover & monitor virtual interfaces for Direct Connects. Please give it a shot and let us know if you see any problems with it. 

  • @SenthilK I also tried this morning and wasn't able to get anything.

    I pinged the product manager for LM Cloud and will update you here when I get an answer.