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2 years ago

Anyone know anything about monitoring AIX servers?


We have some AIX boxes that we need to start monitoring.  We got the basic SNMP settings in place and are getting the normal things like CPU, Ping, etc.  From the defaults, we’re not seeing anything relating to Memory Usage, Network interfaces, or Disk info.  I know literally nothing about AIX or where to begin.  I can relay anything to our AIX team that I need to about specific settings that might nee to be in place.

Is there anything different about monitoring AIX than anything?  Are there specific DataPoints I can import to give me more info on AIX systems?

Thanks for any help.

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  • Hello! Sorry to hear you are having difficulties getting this to work. AIX requires a bit more setup to get monitoring functioning. Have you seen the following help document?

    In that document we go through a few more of the setup steps and we call out a troubleshooting step related to missing CPU and Memory data.

    If the help document doesn’t solve this, please reach out to our Support team and we would be happy to look into this further for you!

  • Don’t know about specifics for AIX, but many times the default SNMP config restricts to only certain branches of the OID tree (based on old outdated security practices). You might check that the SNMP configuration allows polling of any OID in the OID tree.

    Looks like there’s one official AIX DS about Paging Space (C6FLY2). It’s SNMP based.