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3 years ago

Allow customer to view some data outside their group


as MSP we use LM for several clients who sometimes have their own dashboards (which are restricted to only their own environment of course). This works fine.

Currently we are developing some generic datasources that will be running on 1 of our own servers to gather data for multiple customers (i.e. billing & usage data). We don't want to do this for each individual customer but run it on 1 central place. 

Is there a way to give a customer view permissions on only a small part of the data in our "central"environment? Idealy a standarized dashboard showing them only what they are allowed to see.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hello @Jeroen Gouma,

    I don't know if this is the best solution but, we had a similar need in the past. We have a data source that discovers different instances (one per client essentially).
    Since Roles don't allow you to drill down to Instance level permissions, what we ended up doing was instead of giving any access to the actual resource that owns the data source, we've created 'Services' that only grab select the specific instances/metrics we want (created a group of service per customer), then on the 'Roles' you can give read/manage permissions for that service only (on a per customer role basis).

    Not sure if I was clear enough on my explanation but, that's how we ended up doing.


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    This is the right way ^^