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2 years ago

Alerting for switch port traffic drop using interface description

I’m trying to manufacture a health check for a security camera system that doesn’t offer any internal checks.  The cameras can fail but still respond to ping and other basic checks, so my thought is to look at the switches and use the port descriptions (which we manually maintain) and create a alert for only those ports if traffic falls below a threshold indicating there is no stream to the NVR.

All of the ports connected to cameras have ‘SecCam’ followed by location info in the description which I can see under the Switch / Network Interfaces for:




How would I go about setting up monitoring in a central way?  Currently we’re manually creating an Instance group and putting interfaces in it per switch but that’s still dozens or possibly hundreds of different places to manage alert tuning / SDT.

  • I would clone the existing Interface DataSource, have it only apply to those specific switches and setup ActiveDiscovery filters so only interfaces with the description you want are discovered.

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