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25 days ago

Alert Rules Priority Value Duplicates

Is it acceptable for alert rules to have the same priority value if they differ in other properties, such as Group, LogicModule, Instance, or Datapoint? Additionally, can I increase the default alert rule limit from 100 to 1000? If so, will this change affect any alerts that have already been triggered?

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  • Yeah, it doesn't hurt anything unless an alert matches 2 rules with the same priority. Then there's no telling which rule will route the alert. 

    Limit - do you mean the Escalation Chain's rate limit? You can bump it up to 1000. I have that on several of my chains where I don't ever want it rate limited. I'm not sure how it would impact the current alerts. Alerts that weren't sent out should be queued up, so raising the limit should allow queued notifications to go out.

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      I mean the out of the box default alert "Default alerting rule." It has always been with priority set at 100 and I am wondering if I can adjust it to 1000 to fit in more rules.