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3 years ago

Adding Multiple servers in 1 GO

Hi All ,

I have a list of 100 servers which i need to add in LogicMonitor, can you please let me know how to add all at one time. In LM documentation its mentioned via API w can do , but going through the Doc its not very much clear how to start this activity as i am new to LogicMonitor.

A detailed Explanation will be much Appreciated


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  • I would suggest you look at using NetScan to do the import. It will let you use a CSV file of devices to add, or you can use it to scan your network and auto-add devices. Documentation is at That would be easier than jumping into API programming.

    If you do use the CSV file, I suggest fully reviewing it carefully since LM doesn't do too much error checking when importing via CSV. For example it would add new-line characters to names and properties. If you use Excel to create the CSV file, just look it over in notepad before importing. It's a lot easier to get the CSV file right the first time than bulk fixing items later.