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3 years ago

Add a widget

Hi All i am new to LM, i have created a dashboard for an application servers. I want to add a widget for Disk I/Ops. i have selected widget type as table.  I am not clear what DataSource and ...
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    3 years ago

    For Windows and Linux servers are the below datasource and datapoints correct.

    Linux Servers
    CPU Utilization-->Datasource: NetSNMPCPUwithCores DataSource Point:AvgCPUUtilization
    Memory Utilization-->Datasource: :NetSNMP_Memory_Usage DataSource Point:MemoryUtilizationPercent
    Drive Utilization-->Datasource:snmpHRDisk DataSource Point: PercentUsed
    Disk IOps-->NetSNMPdiskIO  DataSource Points: ReadOperations, WriteOperations

    CPU Utilization-->Datasource: WinCPU DataSource Point:AvgCPUUtilization
    Memory Utilization-->Datasource:WinOS Memory DataSource Point:MemoryUtilizationPercent
    Drive Utilization-->Datasource: WinVolumeUsage DataSource Point: PercentUsed
    Disk IOps-->Disk IO:WinLogicalDrivePerformance DataSource Point: AvgDiskSecPerRead AvgDiskSecPerWrite