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2 years ago

Resizing config view pane still hides lines

When i first pull up the config, there may be 20 lines visible. So the first thing i do (since full screen is actually smaller than the regular view), is grab the pane and expand it vertically. However, when this happens, only 25 of the ~80 lines are displayed. 

I can scroll to see the rest, but the reason i expanded the pane was so that i could see the rest without scrolling. This is easier seen in person. My guess is that when the pane initially loads, there is a “max number of lines” parameter. When the pane is resized, that parameter isn’t updated.

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  • Yes same issue. Please include the symptom of double scroll bars (technical would be the 3rd scroll bar since the page has one, the pane has one and the config has one.

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    Thanks for the feedback Stuart - this seems related to the issue that Cole posted about in the other thread. I’ll create a general ticket to track the broader pain point of not being able to search or view all of the config information needed when first landing on the page in UIv4.