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7 months ago

SaaS platform monitoring using API or default integration if possible?

I would like to integrate and monitor below SaaS platform. If anybody having idea or best way to do it, please let me know or help to share any documentation. 

genesys Voice cloud
Tanium Cloud
Chrome Admin Console
Imaging servers and EUC connectors 

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  • What monitoring are you looking for? There’s SaaS lite monitoring for Jamf, basically status page monitoring. Anything using Atlassian’s status page can be monitored the same way. In my portal, it’s called StatusPageIO_Service_Status. It doesn’t show as an official LM module, but that’s possibly because I have it highly customized from LM’s pretty basic version. 

    Airwatch is an AWS thing, so you’d need to monitor your AWS environment that way. I don’t do AWS, so someone else will have to chime in on how/what/where.

    Tanium doesn’t appear to have a global status page. They recommend looking for the presence or absence of data in your own metrics.

    Of course, you could setup any of these as targets for websites either internally or externally sourced.