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3 months ago

Powershell in five easy steps

A few years ago, I wrote a powershell tutorial.  Thought some may find it useful.

On to the Future with Powershell –

It's less programming tutorial than other programming tutorials.  I wrote it for the "you can tear this mouse from my cold hands" type of admin who are being forced to learn powershell to do their jobs.  It's peppered with some nuggets of geeky humor to keep it rolling forward and is just enough to get someone started using powershell (or any other programming language) by focusing on the larger concepts of Storage, Input, Output, Decisions, Loops... the building blocks of every language from assembly to applescript.

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  • Thanks for linking this (and writing it) Cole. I have some customers that may very well benefit from this.

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      I've been writing code since the 70s... over a dozen languages later, I noted that all of the programming education has been done in the hardest way possible.  Like trying to teach someone to play the tambourine starting with wave propagation and music theory.  I wanted to have a resource that started small and added rather than illustrating how wonderfully complex it could all be.