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5 years ago

Palo Alto GlobalProtect Gateway Active Sessions

I couldn't find a DataSource that simply displayed the number of active users per Gateway, so I whipped this up real quick. Hopefully others will find it useful!

It just grabs the list of GlobalProtect Gateways and the number of current and previous users connected to them. I'm using it for a quick dashboard that shows how many active sessions we have on each gateway.


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    I've put the wheels in motion to get this one reviewed and publication. If you haven't heard, the exchange is getting a major overhaul and LogicModules published to the exchange automatically get marked as private. Once the new Exchange features get released (I think they're in beta right now, so should be soon) the author will be able to mark the module as public once it's uploaded. You'll also be able to bundle in a tokenized dashboard and multiple LogicModules all in a single package.  Until that time, ping me with any submissions you need released and I'll try to bring it up with the guys who manage the exchange.