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3 years ago

Palo Alto data source to grab HA Interfaces stats improved.


We've noticed that the config source 'PaloAlto_FW_HA_Interface' that's published on LM repo (version 1.4) doesn't use the best logic to try both API variations.
On newer versions of PA (>=10.2.x) the API call changes slightly (since they've placed the <counters> section in a different path). With that being said, the OOTB module was failing on PAs with >= version.

We've added some logic there & we're now having the version in mind (making use of ##auto.entphysical.softwarerev## property) to define how the API call will look like. Tested on several versions & it works smoothly.

We've published our version on the exchange (code: DL74FN). If it's unavailable there for some reason, you can grab it here.

Thank you!

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