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3 years ago

New SilverPeak_Orchestrator Datasource - How to Add Alarm List?

I just added the SilverPeak_Orchestrator Datasources in our portal, but we are more interested on showing the Active Alarms. Good thing I have a starting point using the existing Datasources. What is the best Logic Module to use if I want to show under the Datasources the Active Alarms? I can get the list of Active Alarms via API. Alarm has an ID I can use to correlate the clears. Any Ideas or is there a existing Logic Module that sort of do the same thing?.  

{ "id": 29611, "applianceId": "42.NE", "severity": "CRITICAL", "sequenceId": -1, "source": "/orchestrator/connectivity", "acknowledged": false, "clearable": true, "timeOccurredInMills": 1644502937000, "description": "Orchestrator cannot reach this appliance", "type": "SW", "recommendedAction": "", "serviceAffect": true, "typeId": 6815748, "name": "UNREACHABLE_APPLIANCE", "occurrenceCount": 1, "hostName": "test", "closed": false }

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    The best would be to use an EventSource to do this. Write a script that pulls the open alerts from the API. However, this will be made more complicated because any EventSource generates an alert for each alarm in your output. So if you wanted to do this, you'd have to also query LM to remove any alarms from your output for which an alert has already been generated.

    Also, there's no concept of a closure using EventSources based on the output of a script.

    Others have done workarounds using datasources so that an instance gets created for each alarm in your target system. The limitation is that creating a new instance only happens every 15 minutes (at the fastest).

    If the alerts are tied to instances in your existing SilverPeak_Orchestrator datasources, you could consider extending each of those to look for and count the number of open alerts for those instances and display that as a count (with a threshold of >0).

    tl;dr: LM is not an event aggregation tool (at least not yet).