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4 years ago

NetApp Cluster Quota Limits

Core was missing monitoring of quota limits, so I put one together.

Captures metric points such as disk limits, disk space used, file limits, file space used, etc.

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  • Hi, any chance on getting an update to this, or ideally have it rolled into supported core platform datasources? I've just installed and tested and there appear to be issues with all of our (we're an MSP) NetApp customers (either in discovery or when polling datapoints).

    Functionality is covering a gap in ONTAP monitoring that's definitely needed (the core quota DS that's available only covers status monitoring, not limits). We have a number of customers who use quotas and some who require reporting around this. NetApp's own tooling (Sys Man, Unified Manager, etc.) allows for monitoring and reporting of these datapoints, so this is currently covered via those. Moving away from relying on such tooling for service delivery (they are on-prem & single tenancy, so not great for MSPs) was a key factor in choosing LM, so having this functionality would be helpful in moving away from reliance on the MSP-unfriendly vendor tooling.