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13 days ago

DataSources missing

Microsoft_SQLServer_AlwaysOnAvailabilityGroups is not showing under the devices. 

It's visible in Settings-DataSource but not in Modules- LogicModules-My Toolbox or LM Exchange. It disappeared and no data is being collected. 

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      It happened after the Microsoft_SQLServer_AlwaysOnAvailabilityGroups module update from version 2.7.0 to 2.9.0. 

      I was able to find the module in My Toolbox but it says it's installed but not in use. 
      It's visible under DataSources in Settings tab but is not displayed under the devices and no data is being collected. Also, Audit Logs say that instances were removed from availability groups at the same time the module update was done. 

      Was there a specific change between these versions that impacted the way the AGs should be configured? 

      With version 2.7.0 we had Node's system.categories set up with SQL properties (system.categories: MSSQL and mssql.sql_server_instances / MSSQLSERVER + url and jdbc of course) and Listener with these (system.categories: WSFC_Node,SQL_Node,WSFC_VNN,MSSQL and mssql.sql_server_instances / MSSQLSERVER and url/jdbc)- and it all worked before module update.
       Also, Node and Listener were 2 separate devices in Logic Monitor.

      Did it change after the module update?? 

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        I don't know if it changed, but if you can see it in settings or in the module toolbox, what happens when you test discovery (besides the infuriating lack of information helpful in troubleshooting)?