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8 months ago

Datasource for Mcafee ePo

Does anyone have any datasources to cover Mcafee/Trellix Endpoint protection, and/or monitor the ePo server?

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  • Hi,

    many thanks for your response. I haven’t had any responses, so any help you can give would be welcome.

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    Hey @Tim OShea Logic Monitor does not currently have any datasources that cover Mcafee/Trellix Endpoint protection at the moment. I also did not see any community datasources. You can check your LM Exchange for Community and Official logicmodules:

    In this case, since we and the community has not written any, I would recommend either submitting a feedback request for us to develop these datasources or you can leverage our tools to build your own:

  • Hi Tim! Wanted to reach out and see if you were able to get your answer elsewhere, or if you’re still needing assistance? Friendly reminder that you can always create a support ticket if you’re needing information like this :)