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6 months ago

Cisco Umbrella Virtual Appliance Datasource and Proprtysource

Update: I jumped the gun… they aren’t out of security review yet… will update once they are...

I have shared a datasource and propertysource I’ve created for monitoring the health of Cisco Umbrella Virtual Appliances in my environment. Thought they could help out other that might be using them as well.

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  • @JLTopgolf, what were you aiming to accomplish with this AppliesTo for the addCategory_Cisco_Umbrella PropertySource?

    (hasCategory("snmp") && !isWindows())

  • thank you for this - just saved me some work :)

  • Not finding them. Are they through security review?

    This is why i post my modules to github.

  • Updated post to show I jumped the gun.

    I’ll look at getting them shared through my github as well.