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7 years ago

Better BGP


This modification of "BGP-" accounts for sessions that are intentionally shutdown by checking both the PeerAdminState OID and the PeerState OID.  It required a hack to find if the PeerState is != 6, but it works.

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  • 4 years ago, no idea what all has been done to the repo since then.  My current module shows an ID of  72PMHJ.

    I don't think this fix has been incorporated into the code yet, maybe in 4 more years :). Really looking forward to topology improvements so you don't get hammered with umpteen alarms for BGP when a mesh site fails. I was promised a fix for that nearly as long ago.

  • Was this a complex Datapoint?  I'd like to check this out but not having luck finding GE9YGG.


  • Looks like the 72PMHJ one has the complex dp that I need.  Going to check it out now in my sandbox.  Thanks!