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7 years ago

Weather Layer Add for Maps Widget


We would like to see you add a weather layer to the maps widget.  The main reason for the request is to see if any weather systems could be impacting our customers remote sites. 

1. If a circuit is down, could it be due to weather in the area?  This will help us better react and provide customers direction when dealing with carriers.

2. Monitor popular DC/COLO areas of the US, are there any weather systems in the area which could be impacting service?





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  • +1   on the Weather Layers for Map Widgets.   This is important to us to help determine areas that could be effected by coming weather.  This is a nice feature that we are used to seeing in SolarWinds.

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    +1, would like the ability to add any layer by URL to the KML/KMZ data. Would let you add your own maps as well as weather from myriad sources.