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5 years ago

Please add an Inventory / List tab to RHS/Details Pane

Can you please add an Inventory\List tab on the RHS (right hand side) when we have a group selected. Its very annoying that I cannot just get a full list of all the objects in a group/folder quickly and easily thru the main GUI and have to do this thru a "Report"

When I click on a group I just want to see all the devices\items in that group on the RHS and have all the properties I choose to select to view for example:  name,ip,OS,mac,class type(computer/router/switch), etc.. Why is there no List/Inventory view OOTB in the GUI? I also need to be able to export the list quickly to any format, HTML, CSV, PDF so I can send a quick list report to whoever is requesting this. 

I don't want to have to go into Reports and then have to choose the group to run the report on. This is basic what's in this folder/group behavior.


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