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2 years ago

LM Dashboards filter by property

LogicMonitor dashboards are powerful, especially with tokens.  One huge/valuable addition (especially for a Managed Service Provider) would be a token to filter for specific instance group.  IE a token for #defaultinstancegroup#.  You can go into an instance today and clone a graph and it will show it’s setup for the instance group, but you can’t edit that or use that across a dashboard or create a widget by instance group.  Similarly, would be great to have a token that could filter a dashboard by property; ie default resource pool.

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  • It seems this is an oft-repeated ask of LogicMonitor, going many years back. I, too, desperately need additional filtering capabilities on Dashboards so that I can expose better self-service functionality to my users.

    I severely hope that LogicMonitor is gearing up to give Dashboards a _desperately_ needed make over so that they can finally achieve parity with competition in the market today. Present Dashboard functionality quite simply isn’t scalable -- Instance-Level property filtering + having some sort of functional drop down for changing group/resource/instance tokens on the fly on a per-user basis (i.e. not affecting the dashboard) are two of the largest asks our organization has had for the past 3 years.

    Here’s hoping Product can make these happen 🤞