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4 years ago

##EXTERNALTICKETID## available to pass to escalations

Would it be possible to allow LogicMonitor to pass the ##EXTERNALTICKETID## from a ConnectWise integration to an email or some other escalation? In my use case, for a critical alert, LogicMonitor would create a new ticket in ConnectWise, but if the alert hasn't been acknowledged, I'd like to email an alert response team with both the LM alert ID & the CW ticket #. Additionally, it would be great if in the future I could pass that ticket number to another 3rd party integration so we could integrate with customer ticketing systems but keep our internal reference number throughout. It seems like all the integrations may use the same ##EXTERNALTICKETID## token, so maybe we could write it to a custom alert field or custom token?

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  • We've had a feature request open for this since Aug 1 of this year when we discovered it. For ConnectWise too. Tell your CSM it's FEED-13574 if you want to pile on. If we get enough people asking for it, they might fix this "feature".