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4 years ago

Clearing the alert filter should reset to "Any Time" not "Past Day"

Hey everybody, I need your help. With the new alert UI that was recently released, there are a lot of cool improvements. However, one thing bothers me and I want to know if it bothers you too.

The new UI has some cool filtering capabilities. After applying filter criteria, a "Clear" button shows up. If you click this Clear button, it clears the filter criteria. However, included in that filter criteria is the timeframe selection. When you clear the filter, it sets the timeframe to "Past Day". This doesn't make sense to me since clearing the filter should, in my mind, remove the timeframe filter, changing the timeframe selection to "Any time". 

What do you think? When you click the "Clear" button, what should happen?

Should it do nothing to the timeframe?

Should it reset the timeframe to "Past Day"? <--current behavior

Should it reset the timeframe to "Any time"?


Follow on question: would you like to see an Alerts page setting that lets you specify the timeframe that gets set when you click "Clear"?

I'm interested in any/all discussion, no filters here (see what I did there?). If you want something other than the current behavior, please go into your LM portal and submit feedback with the behavior you would like to see.

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  • I agree with you, I would expect "clear" would reset to Any Time, which matches other parts of LogicMonitor also. If the link was "Reset" instead of "Clear" then I might have more of an expectation that it resets to a default set of filters/time.

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    Thanks @Mike Moniz, be sure to submit that via your portal. The more people submit via that channel, the more we can show that it doesn't make sense.

    I agree that "reset" would also fix the problem. I'm thinking if they changed it to reset, i'd also like to define what it gets reset to, not just timeframe, but all filters options.