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8 years ago

TraceRoute / TraceRt

Is there a pre-package data source or service that runs constant TraceRt between Collector and host, and graphs the results?

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  • I personally do not see how you could do this within the LM framework directly.  What I would try is to setup the constant traceroutes on the collectors (or nearby) via external tools, and publish that data in a machine-readable format (e.g., JSON).  You can then use a BatchScript to acquire that data and display it, but even then, then intermediate hops are likely to change over time and I don't know how that would end up looking as instance counts increase and decrease (and change descriptions) -- maybe someone more familiar with that has some ideas.

    Related to this, we have a tool we developed for Nagios that runs continuous pings against targets and spews out the average RTT and ping loss count over 5 minute intervals.  The driver uses fping to be as efficient as possible.  I have not yet ported this capability to LM, but I hope to do so soon.