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6 years ago

Taking automated actions on alerts


I've been thinking about having LogicMonitor take corrective actions on some tasks. For example archiving files if a drive is getting close to full. I know that LogicMonitor does not have any event action abilities based on alerts, where you can run something when an alert occurs. I know that you can write scripts for DataSources, and you can do anything in a script so in theory you can have a DataSource do the cleanup during a check. I just feel there is little reason to do that as you are basically just using LogicMonitor as a glorified centralized Task Scheduler.

  • - Thresholds are checked AFTER the script is run, so you can't use LogicMonitor's thresholds, SDTs or other functionality. The script would need to hard code threshold or have them placed in properties.
  • - DataSource scripts have a limited time to run (default 2min I think), so it needs to complete fast or kick off a separate process.
  • - Might be possible to implement Custom HTTP Integration, but that would require some endpoint to receive and act on it. I also think there is a limit on how many integrations you have and might be too limited to have one generic integration.

I'm just talking out loud here and wondering if anyone else has thought about or implemented something like this.


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  • @Mike Moniz - sounds like maybe you've seen this - one of my colleagues wrote a scripted datasource that looks for stopped services, tries to restart them, and then reports back to LogicMonitor. (Which is nice, but not ideal as you've highlighted above.)

    There are no limit to the amount of integrations you can have, but our custom webhooks come from the SaaS portal, so getting "back to the device" is one of the major challenges here.

    We've tossed around the idea of sending webhooks to an orchestration tool that is accessible from the internet, but then we're just adding layers of complexity (and it's a hard strategy to officially endorse from the LM side.)

    I will offer that Actions are currently on our roadmap for the end of this year/ beginning of next year, so hopefully we'll see some officially productized functionality in this area in that timeframe.